You and WorldPMO...We make a great team!

WorldPMO helps you reach successful Business-IT project outcomes by consistently delivering the best value and fit in project consulting capability.

Achieve faster initiation and deliver more value with the effort exponent and talent pipeline to enhance and expedite your onboarding process.

Your WorldPMO Task Force Mobilization consultant drives significant time and cost savings by alleviating the roadblocks, red tape, and frustration associated with finding and onboarding talent that will get things done.

Task Force Mobilization


The Effort Exponent

Getting things done is a lot easier with a champion pathfinder at your side. Their primary responsibility is to help you to form a great team for any effort at the best value...and without all the frustration and hassle.

We understand that someone with delivery expertise is a lot better at finding the best value and fit you need for that role than a resource agent at a staffing company. We work to understand your organization and situation to identify any alleviate roadblocks and red tape that may be costing you unnecessary time and money.

Do you really need to fill out lengthly role specifications, job descriptions, and staffing requirements when a simple phone call, text message, or short email could suffice?

You dont have to do a lot of up-front formal and unnecessary administration when you work with someone who already understands the type of work activities, technologies, and context of the effort you are trying to get done?

Your exponent will help you customize a talent pipeline you can leverage to locate and help onboard the best available people for the teams you need to get something done. The result is delivery confidence at the best value.


Your Talent Pipeline

The right people will make a great team whether it's a single project manager, a scrum, or a fully staffed program. We've got you covered when it's time to put together a winning team. We work with you to refine the criteria and activities that complement your onboarding activities to streamline the process.

The bottom line is that we believe you should have a way to get good people working on your projects as smoothly and rapidly as possible.

Not everyone's onboarding process is the same so we adjust our activities around streamlining your process steps to make that part of your job a little easier and less stressful.

Really good Project Managers can step right in to make sure your effort gets done. While they should always excel at delivery, they must also understand planning and kickoff activities as well as late stage assurance and project closeout steps.

The right technical lead or project administrator will add great value by making a team much more productive and effective when the fit is good.

Major projects and programs may require business or data analysts that can help a team embrace complexity.

Whether you need an entire team or just have one spot to fill what really matters is helping you find and onboard the right smart people that will get things done.

Project Chaos

A project is only as good as its people. Why? Because people are essentially at the core of everything we do. A project is, after all, a collaborative effort planned and designed to achieve an objective. At WorldPMO, we understand the power of the Human Spirit and know that when individual skills are applied properly the result is more efficient and reliable outcomes.

The overview of the impacts of Project Chaos and the lead in our continuing series of “Influencers” that contribute to Project Chaos – Next installments continue focus on the influencers such as “Complexity” and “Framing”. The follow section of productions will start the journey to how to reduce Project Chaos as we progress through the digitalization wave that will reframe the Business supply chain over the next 3 – 5 years.

Project Chaos - WorldPMO

Introduction to Project Chaos series

IT Project failure costs the US economy as much as 150 billion dollars annually. WorldPMO sees the challenge by focusing on streamlined efficiencies with the assurance of truly successful project deliveries.

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Controlling Project Chaos

Root Cause or Influencers of Project CHAOS

People and Teams “We called it Controlling Project Chaos” - Optimize project outcomes and deliver business value through selection of correct methodology, project cost management best practices, and using cost-effective services.

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WorldPMO - People

Introduction to People series

WorldPMO knows it is people that make the difference in any project outcome. See how WorldPMO can make the difference in your project.

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